Dosing valve JB1401 / JB1403

image002The high pressure valves JB1401 and JB1403 have been specially developed for the metered spraying of liquids with a high content of solids.

The valve has been used with great success for more than ten years (1.3 million spray cycles without gasket replacement) and replaced the old Jerkel series, which is still used by our competitors (EJ1441 / EJ1451 + Bemers / Unitec types).

The special design (dead space free) allows the material (e.g., graphite-containing lubricants) to pass directly the valve seats, from the flow, through all the valves, to the return port.

Both valves have a nominal diameter of 2.5 mm.

The JB1401 has a large drive (like JB1402) and still switches safely at 3 bar pilot pressure.

The JB1403 uses a smaller drive, making it lighter and more compact.

Deposits and blockages (which were common in common construction with distributor plates) are avoided. The use of stainless material in combination with different sealing materials and the compact and robust design of these valves allow a wide range of applications.


  1. Sandwich construction - the valves can be screwed directly to each other
  2. Double acting - the valve opens and closes in the millisecond range
  3. Easiest stroke adjustment
  4. No clogging!
  5. Long life construction
  6. Short and easy to maintain
  7. Cost-effective spare parts on stock


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Datasheet JB1401  (Download is only available to registered customers)

Datasheet JB1403  (Download is only available to registered customers)