LubriStar Plus


LubriStar Plus® is a practical modular solution for immediate use in modern forging companies. The minimal spray system is specially developed to meet the requirements of occupational safety, improved working conditions, even quality characteristics under economic conditions.

With our automation technology, the release agent consumption and consumption in the forging process can be planned and meaningfully integrated into the production chain.

Due to the modular and flexible design, the installation is possible through the own maintenance. A later change to another forging plant is thus guaranteed.

The advantages:

  • More security for the operating personnel!
  • Avoidance of adhesives between the engraving and the workpiece
  • Modern minimal spray technology in traditional forging operations
  • Spraying of all commercially available lubricants, graphite-containing (limited) and water-based media
  • Improved surface quality of the forgings
  • Increased tool life
  • Improved flow behavior of the materials
  • Cycle time reduction through personnel relief and impact reduction
  • Improved environmental and working conditions (avoidance of flue gas and flying sparks)
  • Reduced cleaning times
  • Cost-effective entry-level technology with self-installation
  • Modification to other plants possible
  • Freely programmable
  • Safe meeting of the engravings by firmly mounted nozzles
  • Increased safety by reducing the risk of fire
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